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Health Articles & Suggestions in Urdu. Read Information about Blood Pressure, Heart Issues, Diabetes, Eyes, Dental, Skin Care, Dieting, Lose Weight, ENT and more.

Eye Problems and Treatment

Find Symptoms & Causes of Common Eye Problems – Find the cure for all eye issues, including eyesight, cornea, glasses & more.

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Important medical information about Blood Pressure¬† –¬† Causes of High blood pressure, low blood pressure, risks involved, Symptoms & treatments. Find doctors advice & suggestions.

Joint Pain & Arthritis

Important Information about Arthritis & Joint Pain – Find Causes and Treatment of Joints Pain, How to fix the pain yourself, exercises, medicines and tips by experts. Find advice & Suggestions in Urdu

Diabetes – Sugar

Important information about Diabetes, Sugar in Urdu. Find about its symptoms, diagnoses, and prevention with expert opinion. Read the latest scientific research on Diabetes.

Exercise for Health

Find important information about Benefits of exercise for your health. Improve your health and live a healthy life by doing exercises and workouts.

Dengue Virus

Important Information about Dengue Fever. Find Dengue symptoms, prevention and types of Dengue virus. Keep yourself & your family protected from Dengue virus.


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